Why is Professional Photography Important When Selling Your House?

Whether it’s a newspaper or a website, customers are provided with reviews, descriptions and even photography of the property for sale in both resources. According to research,  these are the percentages of where homebuyers discovered their home from in 2015, proving how useful technology is becoming to potential buyers and how that can impact us as business owners;

  • 44% Internet
  • 33% Estate Agent
  • 9% Discovering the house sign
  • 6% Friend, Relative or Neighbour
  • 6% Homebuilder
  • 1% Directly from the seller
  • 1% Newspaper advertisement


Buying a home is a big and serious investment, that’s why it’s becoming essential to work with estate agents that hire professional photographers. On listed properties, customers base their first and main impressions on the photography more than the provided descriptions, therefore it is important listings are provided with the best images possible in order to make the house attractive to the buyers.

Thinking of selling your home? If so, this is why you should consider using estate agents involved with professional photography:

Professional Photography

Buyers prefer to visualise their house, not just read about it. If your estate agent uses professional photography when selling your property, it will attract more possible customers because it is a more sophisticated action. Despite their cost, hiring a photographer benefits you and their business significantly; For instance, you and your estate agent can dedicate your time and effort on selling the property whilst the professional does their job and produces good quality work for you.


A professional photographer can create what an amateur can’t because they know what they are doing and what to look out for. Instead of putting yourself in that complex situation, here are some reasons as to why you should consider professional photography when choosing an estate agent – a professional photographer will.

  • Evaluate their shots and consider different angles to make the features of the room look attractive.
  • Consider different lightings and positions to ensure a bright and clear photo.
  • Have the reliable equipment to create the perfect shots (cameras, tripods, a range of lenses, lights etc.)
  • Are a pro; they are able to produce the work that you need in the correct manner, just because it’s their job and it’s what they were hired for.