The ABC’s Guide to Getting your House Ready for the Summer Market

Summer is the time for holidays and sunshine, so if you are planning on putting your property on the market, ensure your home is ready to capitalise the scorching summer season, where 60% of homes are bought and sold. Here is the ABC’s guide to prepping your home ready for the Summer market.

Air Temperature

We would firstly recommend you control your air temperature the best you can so your home is comforting to potential buyers; I mean, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than being stuck in a hot room on a typical summers day – you are sweating, exhausted and unable to concentrate. If your air temperature isn’t controlled, not only will your visitors be uncomfortable, they may get the impression that the house is unbearable in the summer, which is a big turn-off. Therefore, placing a few fans around the property or offering some cold refreshments keeps your visitors happy and motivated to stay longer.


It’s important that you maintain a good level of lighting to make the home feel welcoming. After all, Summer is full of natural light that you can really use to your advantage, so open those curtains and let that sunshine beam through. On the other hand, if there is an undesirable element outside that simply destroys the view i.e. a bin or a wall, closing the curtain till it’s unnoticeable can be an acceptable action.

If you decide to have your curtains open during a buyer’s visit, you need to consider the audience you are trying to attract and what you can do to make it look more attractive… For instance, if you are going for an elegant vibe, use tie-backs to hold the curtains open, making it look sophisticated and bright – minor adjustments like that can really make an impression to the potential buyers.


Curb Appeal

The Curb Appeal contributes massively to attracting potential buyers into your home, so ensure your entrance point is welcoming and clean. You can do this by planting beautiful flowers, trimming the bushes, sweeping the driveway, painting your fence and mowing the lawn etc. This is all important because your visitors first impressions will be with the exterior of the house – if it’s untidy outside, it’s untidy inside. Overall, bloom the presentation of your properties entrance point; it’s crucial.


When you are selling your property, it can no longer be “your home”, that’s why you will have to depersonalise it by removing any personal family collectables, heirlooms and photos. Try to make the house a blank canvas, removing anything personal allows the buyers to visualise their home, not yours.

You should also consider storing away anything polarizing that can cause friction between the buyers and sellers. Religious and political views can be taken seriously to certain families, so it’s important the house doesn’t include anything that could cause controversy.

Overall, don’t give your buyer the opportunity to misjudge your home because of your personal assets and beliefs.


Like I said in the ‘Curb Appeal’ section, the properties entrance point will be the buyer’s first impression, so it’s vital that it portrays an inviting tone. However, with the exterior, you need to make sure your outside assets are also impressively presentable and not just your plants and bushes. You can do several things to achieve this such as wash and paint the doors, mow the lawn, paint the fence, clean the windows and remove any dirt in general.


Fix It

Preparing your home for the summer market gives you a couple of weeks to repair any obvious damage. If you view a home that involves a lot of repairing, you wouldn’t be very impressed with the property, would you? Now, we don’t recommend fixing every issue in your home, save time and money by focusing on the obvious major qualities that could potentially turn away visitors. Don’t allow buyers to be blinded by the potential of the property.

Gorgeous Decoration

Finally, including gorgeous decoration that compliments the home is a great idea, especially when it reflects nicely on the summer sun. Including a few colourful knickknacks will give personality to the property, influencing the buyers to like it more. However, whilst the decor makes the home look lively, too much of it can cause turning heads – cluttering your home full of pointless items can take up a lot of visual space and make the room feel smaller, therefore make the rooms look big and inviting by only adding a few necessary items.


Thank you for reading. Best of luck.