Before the internet, ‘For Sale’ boards were a standard part of marketing a home, but there are a few reasons some people choose not to put up a sign.

Most buyers expect a house that is for sale to have a for sale board outside it and here are some reasons why having a board is a good idea to get buyers interested and to sell your home quickly…

Advertising/word of mouth

The main advantage of having a for sale board is that it attracts attention to your home. It’s good to have neighbours and friends know. They may know someone who is looking to buy – a friend, a neighbour, a loved one, a work colleague, etc. – and pass on the information about your property when it crops up in conversation.

Attract People Not Looking To Buy

Boards are a great way to attract off-the-cuff interest, highlighting your property to those who are not actively searching for a new home.

Curb Appeal

Having a visible sign can increase your chances of selling as more people will be aware that your property is for sale. A very high percentage of buyers will drive into an area and/or a specific street they want to live in and will quickly look at any for sale boards, when potential buyers see a for sale sign it may encourage them to call. Not having a board could mean they end up seeing a neighbouring property for sale and yours gets missed.

 Committed Seller

Most buyers expect a house that is for sale to have a for sale board outside it. A board sends a very positive message to buyers and the agents by confirming that the seller is committed.

At Peter Lane & Partners, we believe that to give your property the best chance of selling it should have a for sale board outside and increase your exposure to potential buyers.

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