When it comes to selling your home you want to gain as much interest as possible. Think of your house like your own shop window, you need to dress it up in a way to attract potential buyers, its what they see that makes them want to view it and hopefully make an offer.

Peter Lane & Partners have put together this list of top tips for getting your house ready for viewings.

Kerb Appeal

Moving Home
Moving Home – Preparing Your Home To Put On The Market

Always start with the exterior, this is the first thing potential buyers will see when approaching your house so it’s important to give them a great first impression. Having an unkempt exterior can have a negative impact before viewers have even walked through the door.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Remove any debris or weeds
  • Place your bins out of sight if possible
  • Clean the front door and windows
  • Tidy away any children toys
  • Clear up after any pets who may have used the garden.

The Interior

Now the buyer is inside you need to ‘sell the lifestyle’. They want to be able to see themselves living in this space. Each room of the house should be clean, tidy and set up for purpose with appropriate furniture in the specific rooms.


Clean and polish all surfaces, fittings and any appliances included in the sale. Make sure all the clutter is cleared off the surfaces and any washing up is put away leaving the sink and draining board completely clear. Pet bowls should be hidden away and you should allow some fresh air into the room to eliminate any stale cooking smells in the air.

Living Areas & Bedrooms

Declutter as much as possible, having too much in one room can make it feel smaller. Let in as much natural daylight as possible, pull back curtains, leave blinds open and remove any large objects that could block the daylight entering in.

Moving Home
Moving Home – Preparing Your Home To Put On The Market

Bathrooms & Toilets

Make sure the sinks, bath, shower and toilet are clean. Hideaway any toiletries or medications and place any children’s toys out of sight. You could also consider replacing any seals around the bath or shower if necessary. Consider purchasing a grout pen for a simple but effective instant fix.

Buyers will want to look in every room so make sure you go over every space in your house.

Make sure to walk around each room and check if any furniture or fixtures are broken and make sure you get those fixed. Paint touch-ups and peeling wallpaper are also things that could be easily rectified and will make a huge difference when people come to view the home.

Finishing Touches

On viewing days there are a few things to remember.

  • Clear and tidy all the worktops around the house. Dust and polish any surfaces or tables, put away keys paperwork/letters that have been left out.
  • Put away any washing up or laundry that been left out.
  • Hoover and mop the floors throughout.
  • Tidy away children’s toys
  • Empty all bins throughout the house.
  • Open some windows and let in some fresh air.
  • Add finishing touches to rooms, fresh towels in bathrooms, clean bedding on the beds, plump cushions and add fresh flowers on the table for an instant homely feel.

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