Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas… In Your New Home!

It can always be an exciting time when celebrating your first Christmas in your new home – organising the decorations into their new spaces, cooking the dinner in your new kitchen, eating the dinner in your new dining room etc. It’s lots of fun indeed, especially at this time of the year!

However, we don’t know if you’ve heard, but a big trend lately is combining your Christmas decorations with ‘Welcome Home’ ones, as not only is it celebrating two big events in one decorative state, but it will make your home look very unique (if you are the ones hosting the party this year!).

So, as Frank Sinatra said, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”… in your new home with these awesome decorative combinations, or if you know someone who has just moved in, these could be a great gift for them.

Christmas In Your New Home

Christmas Keys

To celebrate you moving into your new home, you can now purchase ornament keys to hang on your Christmas tree – they can also be personalised where you can write your name, the date and even a little message to the receiver. It’s an awesome way to kick off the Christmas/Moving-in decor, we simply love the idea! This inexpensive gift is sentimental and will look great hanging from your festive tree.


Personalised baubles have been around for as long as the tree itself has, so we’ve got to involve them somewhere! Whether it is for your own new home or a gift to well-known new homeowners, it is such a creative, personal touch for your (or their) Christmas tree. Another great benefit of these products is that there is a massive selection of designed baubles to choose from – some with glitter inside, some with bows, different fonts, colours and sizes etc. so you can pick one that suits directly to the theme and family.


You know those cute signs you see hanging on the walls in homes that mention inspirational, funny or homely quotes etc.? Did you know you can also get these personalised too?! Ranging from wooden signs to slate ones, shaped from squares to love hearts, there are truly some gorgeous designs available to purchase and personalise – maybe “Christmas In Your New Home 2018” or what about something more long-lasting, like: “The Smith Family Home 2018” – We know we have already mentioned a lot about personalised and will probably continue to do so, but personalised decoration makes your home look much more unique, branded and personal, all with a sentimental touch.

Home Gifts… With a Twist?!

This is more for those who are looking to give a New Home/Christmas gift to someone!

If you aren’t a big fan of the whole personalised thing, it’s not a problem, as you can give the new homeowners something useful or decorative for their home, but just add a little festive twist! Think about what they might need in their homes, such as some new glasses for the kitchen or a wash set for the bathroom etc. or something decorative, like candles, a framed picture or flowers.

Any of these things can look beautiful in their new home, but you can also adjust to make it look extra festive. For example, you can purchase a Christmassy wash set, or a candle set, a picture with a Christmassy frame? There is so much you can do to make your gift look a lot like a Christmas one.

Ribbon – Lot’s of it!

When you get given a gift, the traditional thing to see would be a wrapped box with a bow on top, made out of ribbon? As it’s your first Christmas in your new home, you can take advantage of the multi-purposeful material by attaching it to your home this season; On the bannisters, the Christmas tree, the doors, to the wreath, anywhere! It will not only give off a Christmassy look but it will show that your new home is the biggest gift this Christmas – how metaphorical!

Christmas In Your New Home – Ribbon!

These are just a few spectacular ideas to make your new home look extra festive this Christmas, you can also find more ideas on things like Pinterest if these ones didn’t catch your eye.

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas!