As an Estate Agents in St Ives, Peter Lane & Partners want to offer advice to make the most out of your property valuation – from location to decoration…

Every estate agents look out for various different factors when valuing a property. Walking into hundreds of different properties every year, we take these factors into account to arrange an appropriate and efficient market value of our client’s properties – so everyone gets the most out of their move.

Research Prices

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Researching Prices of Properties

Do some research on property sale prices and differentials in your area, using property portals like Rightmove or talking to your estate agent. This information will give you an initial and reasonable idea of your valuation outcome. 

Its important you don’t assume you will get as much for your home as your neighbours got for theirs, because again, the property value is based on much more than flooring, walls and ceiling.

Consider Investments

This point could go one of two ways – considering previous property investments or considering future ones to affect your valuation. Furthermore, if you have recently had a value-adding extension or reconstruction, you can probably expect to get some of your money back (especially if you’ve added floor space). 

On the other hand, if you aren’t happy with the condition of your current home you are moving out of, its very common for buyers to improve their current property before moving out of it. It’s not always a guarantee that improvements mean a price uplift, but it will certainly impress viewers more.

What Decorative Order is The Property in?

Estate Agents St Ives – What Decorative State is Your Home Currently in?

Anything that makes your home look untidy or dirty will knock the price. From stained carpets and peeling wallpaper to cluttered items, you might want to consider the state of your home before getting a property valuation. After all, investing a little bit of money into adjusting your home for the better will benefit you in the future, because it will not only improve your property value but also impress viewers. 

So, get your tools out and get repairing and improving before we visit you. We promise a cleaner home will make a much better impression. 

Think About Location

Believe it or not, it’s not all about the ins and outs of your property. Estate Agents (and buyers) also care a great deal on location. This includes transport links, school catchment areas and local amenities. 

One of the first things house-hunters look for or query when moving home is where they are going to live. A buyer needs to consider their work, their family, personal needs and all of that comes with a convenient location i.e. if the buyers have children, the ideal location would be close by an OFSTED approved school. 

As an Estate Agents in St Ives, Peter Lane & Partners have a variety of properties for sale within the area that range of proximity to schools, the high street and the countryside. St Ives is a wonderful town with a friendly community, weekly markets and convenient location. 

How’s Your Garden Looking?

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Estate Agents St Ives – How is Your Garden Looking?

To the majority of buyers, the conditions of the exterior are very important. How big is your garden? Is it south-facing? Is it a good spot for gardening? Has it been well looked after? A nice, cared-for garden will keep buyers intrigued in the property – the home itself could be immaculate and be exactly what they wanted, a small or scruffy garden is enough to completely put buyers off.

Therefore, even if you aren’t a passionate gardener – clearing the roots, mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges is enough to make the garden less abandoned. On the other hand, if you are a regular carer and love a bit of gardening, additional attractive features to include in gardens are flowers, outdoor lighting and living furniture. 

What Makes Your Property Unique?

Believe it or not, but a unique feature of a property can increase the value of your property. From a unique door style or a beautiful garden statue to a games room or view etc. it’s likely your home has some sort of X factor feature that could intrigue buyers. 

Consider what indefinable characteristic makes your property unique from your neighbours, and be sure to mention it to your Agent and viewers. 

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