Delivering on Time, Every Time With Peter Lane

With the vast amount of information available to us in this modern age on the internet, sometimes it can be difficult to decipher whether the source we have found is reliable.

For example, type into Google, “Estate agents near me”. Would you look at that, 43 pages of results each with over 20 pages on each? Now what? Who should you trust? How do I know where to look first? This is actually a good question that few know how to answer, see it like a lucky dip if you would. 

You could get lucky and find a great company who deliver exactly what you want when you want and how you want but you could also be unlucky setting yourself up for disaster. The same applies when selling your home, is it really worth taking the risk? In my opinion, the answer is no. So, how can you know who to trust when searching for an estate agent and what should set alarm bells ringing?

  • Unrealistic time frames: this is the first one to look out for. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. In high demand times, a well-priced house could take anything from 10-21 days to sell (this may vary of course) and from when the offer is accepted to exchange, the standard waiting time is anything between 4 and 6 weeks when this runs smoothly. If you are promised anything less than this, it’s unlikely to be true and will most likely carry a hefty cost with it.
  • Referrals: Here at Peter Lane, referrals are our main stream of business. We rely on satisfied customers to spread the word. When searching for an estate agent, ask your friends. Have they heard of the estate agent you have found? Were they satisfied with the service? If they had a hassle-free experience, the chances are you will too. Also, if they were particularly happy with one member of staff when speaking with the agent request that they carry your property for you and tell them that you have been referred.
  • Website and Testimonials: Visit the agent’s website, do they carry a lot of properties? This is a good indicator of the trust people have in the company. What have customers said about them? Are the testimonials genuine? 
  • Experience: Are they experienced enough or are they a new company? Experienced agents will be able to give you a great estimate on your pricing and will know exactly what buyers are looking for, making the sale of your home more speedy and efficient.
  • Hard selling on their services for mortgage advisor or solicitor services? If you are being pushed by an agent to use their services, don’t be fooled. Advice is great but take your time to explore your options to ensure that you come out of the sale with most of your money. 

Here at Peter Lane we have been trusted by our customers for over 25 years and take pride in providing only the best service. Looking to buy or sell your home? Contact your local branch today to speak to one of our expert team.