The hottest property spots in England and Wales have been revealed…

2020 has been the busiest year for estate agents in a decade. Recent research has shown that buyers have moved further from cities and sought out green space and small towns since the beginning of the pandemic.

Specialist mortgage platform, Haysto, digested Government data to calculate figures based on the number of house purchases by 10,000 people in each area’s population – and found that our branch-based town, Huntingdon, had the highest rate of property purchases in England and Wales, followed by Pontefract, West Yorkshire, and Great Yarmouth.

With a population of around 26,000 people, Huntingdon saw more than 400 house purchases per 10,000 sales. With other popular areas witnessing around 300 purchases per 10,000.

Property Market
Busiest Property Market in 2020 Revealed: Huntingdon!

Throughout February 2021, Peter Lane & Partners flew through the month averaging almost a sale a day, making us Huntingdon’s best selling agent in February. With this in mind, we are incredibly proud to be a huge part of the property market within this area. 

As Spring is finally upon us, the property market shows no sign of slowing down, and Peter Lane & Partners are ready to evolve with it. We are ready to March on into April with our heads held high, ready to help you make that move. 

So if you’re interested in moving away from the city and into the countryside or a Cambridgeshire town, why not request a free, no-obligation property valuation of your property? Make that move with one of Huntingdon’s best.