We are getting close to the halfway mark of 2019 – how this year is going so quickly! Despite this, it’s never too late to begin implementing some of this year’s design trends into your home. Last year we discovered our admiration for marble surfaces, curved sofas and geometric patterns, but this year, we are delighted to present dark colours, nature and feminine tones…

1. Biophilic Designs

Bring the outdoors inside by introducing nature into your home. Biophilic designs allow us to connect with nature, as well as creating a beautiful theme in your home. Using material like wood, bamboo, natural lighting, greenery and stone etc. you are essentially mimicking the outdoors, providing a space that feels environmental yet stylish simultaneously. We expect to see biophilia a lot more within interior design this year.

Home Trends
Home Trends – Biophilic Designs

2. Less is more

When it comes to the presentation of your home, quantity is quality! Over the last few years we have noticed interior is looking a little plain and simple – that can be achieved by allowing the surface of your sideboards to shine and filling your cupboards up to good use. This makes your home look more sustainable, clean and allows you to focus on the materials and components. 

3. Velvet

As well as it being extremely comfortable, velvet is a very versatile material in interior design. It can fit in almost every type of theme and makes the room look very social. Although velvet has been around for a long time, it’s “technology” has changed – the fabric used to be very easy to stain, stiff and genuinely quite rough. Now, you can easily walk into a furniture shop and discover accents of velvet on sofas, cushions, curtains, even lampshades! And we are totally ready for it in 2019. 

4. Single-coloured rooms

Home Trends
Home Trends – Single-Coloured Rooms

In correspondence to point 2, the simple effect one colour has in a room can be very impressive. Like we said, less is more! Regardless if it is matte black or pastel yellow, having one colour theme for a room can set a completely elegant atmosphere. With matching furniture and accessories, you can turn your home into a sophisticated exhibition with this 2019 trend.

5. Hidden features

In this point we are discussing what used to be home fantasies, but are now awesome new elements to interior design! Hidden features are essentially the new technology of home furniture – From hidden pool tables to hidden showers, you can maintain a smart, modern designed living within your home. This 2019, expect some surprises. 

6. Feminine tones in the bedroom

Who runs the home? In 2019, feminine tones are set to make a ground-breaking comeback in the bedroom, and we are excited for it. Over the years ‘gendered’ rooms have been the fashion hype, and by this we mean rooms that have been specifically decorated to show off individual femininity or masculinity. Feminine tones usually involve floral, delicate and light patterns, with lots of natural lighting and calm furniture, and this is what we are expecting to take off. 

7. Recycled

Whilst keeping it trendy, you can also help the environment by introducing recycled material into your home. Now, we aren’t saying making your own bottle fan (unless you wanted to), however, investing in some furniture made out of recycled plastic, metal and even glass could be a great decision. Not only this, but after looking online some of the recycled furniture looks super trendy.

8. Ceramics

Invest in some artistic sculptures this year with some ceramics. This ancient craft can really compliment your home, and despite it’s age we are hoping it makes a comeback within the upcoming months. The additional clay and dusty effect in your home expresses culture, diversity and workmanship.

9. Open Shelving

Whether it’s in the kitchen, the living room or even your bedroom, lose the upper cupboards and replace them with some basic, open shelving. With the right colour and positioning, this shelving can not only make your room look organised and busy but functional too!

Home Trends
Home Trends – Open Shelving

In addition to this, open shelving are very versatile options to your home – you can put them anywhere and it’s extra storage space for your presentable belongings and ornaments.

10. Big bold plants

Greenery have always been a popular addition to the home, but this year, we are expecting bigger and bolder. Find yourself some leaves more greener than ever and bigger than your head, then place them somewhere where they will stand out! 

Including some greenery in your home makes your home look a lot more natural, social and comfortable, a long with some mental benefits too. 

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