Our Branches: Things To Do In Our Local Areas

Peter Lane & Partners have six branches in five locations, in and near the Cambridgeshire region – Huntingdon, Kimbolton, Peterborough, St Ives and St Neots. Furthermore, what we have learnt over the years with these five locations are that we are fascinated by the uniqueness of each town/city we are situated in, and with so much to see, do and visit, we thought we would share with you using this article.


Huntingdon is a market town in Cambridgeshire and is also known as the “seat” of the Huntingdonshire council. From the Houghton Mill art gallery to the Cromwell Museum, there are several places you can visit to learn about the history of this old town. Also, you can take a scenic stroll around the Hinchingbrooke Country Park or even have a shopping spree around the town centre, with shops located ranging from Poundland to Pandora. Then, after your shopping trip, you can visit a variety of local pub restaurants and cafes located around the whole town. What’s more? There’s a huge multiplex cinema chain with a Cineworld, Gym and restaurants such as Nandos and Bella Italia.


Kimbolton is a village and civil parish found in Cambridgeshire. At approximately 9 miles west of Huntingdon and 14 miles north from Bedford, this small village is surrounded by big towns and cities containing great shopping and dining venues. Kimbolton is mostly known as the home of Kimbolton Castle, which was Catherine of Aragon’s¬†final home before she died, but is now fortunately known as the venue for the popular annual Firework night, which is visited by thousands of people every year! You can also visit the RAF war memorial as well as visit one of their pub restaurants for a traditional bite to eat.


Peterborough is a city in Eastern England, known for its 12th-13th-century Saint Peter’s Cathedral and its huge Queensgate shopping centre with a number of popular shops and restaurants. This city is also the home to 5 escape rooms, which are physical adventure games, where you are locked in a mysterious room for a certain amount of time (usually 60 minutes), solving queries, riddles and puzzles in order to “escape” the room. It’s an incredibly realistic and adrenaline-pumping experience for your friends and family – definitely worth a try! Additionally, Peterborough is also home to the Peterborough museum and the Greyhound Stadium; so it’s safe to say that this city is a great day/night out with your friends and family.

Then, whether it’s a quick bite or the full dining experience, Peterborough has got you covered – from cafes to restaurants, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert in the city. For instance, a highly recommended place to visit is Kaspas Desserts, a chain of very popular dessert houses that offer the favourite hot and cold dessert cuisine.

St Neots

St Neots is one of the biggest towns in Cambridgeshire, located on the border of the Bedfordshire county border. This civilised town has a Cineworld complex, market town, a museum and other popular attractions you can explore when you visit. Just 18 miles west of Cambridge, St Neots is a charming and historical destination, with plenty to see, do and enjoy.

St Ives

And last, but certainly not least, St Ives – a market town and civil parish found in Cambridgeshire, located about 5 miles east from Huntingdon. This small town boasts electric riverboat tours, a golf club, the Norris Museum and the Raptor Foundation – a rehabilitation centre for birds, providing sanctuary and medical care to the animals, as well as providing information and tours for the audience on the awareness of the dangers of wild birds.

St Ives also offers a diverse selection of cuisines and dishes you can enjoy and try. Furthermore, you can experience British, Turkish, Chinese and Italian food all around town.

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