As the Summer Holidays kick start this week, we have gathered a bunch of fun things to do and places to visit in Cambridgeshire over the next six weeks…

1. Rumble, Grafham Water

Visit the stunning Grafham Water park and enjoy a live-action gaming experience deep into the woods. Here you and your family can go to war with an epic laser tag battle like a real-life game! Suitable for ages 8+, it’s the perfect activity to get the kids away from the game consoles and outside with the family.

2. The Partyman World Of Play, Cambridge

Cambridge’s brand new indoor soft play centre opened up this week. With a giant jelly mountain, ball pit and its own colourful mascot, this is a great place to take the children to burn off some energy. Being indoors, it’s also somewhere you can visit all year round, whatever the weather!

3. Go to the Cinema!

Visit the Cinema during the Holidays!

It’s safe to say the cinema is going to be packed full of children and Disney/Pixar fans this Summer 2019 as Toy Story 4, The Lion King and Aladdin has been released in the UK. Grab some popcorn and visit your local cinema to enjoy films we have been dying to see!

4. Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, St Neots

Nature reserves are not only amazing places to preserve and protect wildlife and their habitats, but it’s a beautiful place to visit all year round for dog walks, picnics and nature adventures! With amazing lakes, bird watching views, meadows and woodland routes, the reserve has a lot to offer in the Summer holidays!

5. Become Ninja Warriors at Gymfinity Kids

This Summer, children can now train to be ninjas and gymnasts in the new fitness club in Cambridge! Boasting trampolines, foam pits and other sporting equipment, the 11,000sq ft club is a state-of-the-art gym for kids to learn and play.

Whether you are looking for a birthday party venue, beginners class or fun holiday camps, Gymfinity Kids could be the perfect club.

6. Have a Summer Party

Have a Summer Party!

Invite your family and children’s friends, make some snacks, put on some music and have a family-friendly gathering in your home this Summer! Get the BBQ going or play a huge game of rounders – there are endless things to get up to in the Summer weather.

7. Do Some Baking

It may be because of the intentional mess and delicious treats, but kids love a bit of baking! Spend the afternoon baking a cake, cookies, muffins or even some tasty pastries. To really spice things up, invest in some icing and edible decorations so your children can get creative.

8. Big Sky, Peterborough

If you’re looking for an ideal safe place for your kids to run around and play this Summer holidays, then why not visit Peterborough’s ultimate indoor soft play area? Featuring a world-themed play frame, climbing wall and indoor football pitch, there is an infinite amount of fun waiting for your kids.

9. Buy a Paddling Pool

After running around and burning energy all day, sometimes the hot weather can be a bit too much for your little ones. Investing in a paddling pool is the perfect way for your kids to cool down and have a splash about in your garden!

10. Hamerton Zoo Park, Hamerton

Visit The Zoo This Summer Holidays

Stretching over a massive 20 acres, Hamerton Zoo is a popular destination for families to visit and experience a variety of different wildlife. This includes Cheetahs, Wombats, Tigers, Wallabies and Sloths. Just a short drive from Cambridge, Hamerton Zoo boasts a day full of animal experiences, performances and interactive activities for friends and family. 

11. Make Your Very Own Slip’N’Slide!

All that is required is some heavy-duty plastic sheeting (e.g. tarpaulin) and soapy liquid and you’ve created your very own slip N slide! Spend the afternoon in your own DIY back garden water park as you slip, slide and cool down under the sun!

12. Southlake Aqua Park, St Neots

Located in Little Paxton is one of St Neots’ most popular Summer holiday activities – the Southlake Aqua Park! Open to all ages 6+, you and your family can swim, jump, slide and play on this huge water inflatable assault course – all for a great price!

13. Escape Rooms

Based all around Cambridgeshire are a number of different, family-friendly escape rooms to get involved in. From escaping prison to performing heists, every Escape Room has it’s very own unique theme and story, consisting of various different mental and logical challenges, clues and riddles that will help get out!

14. South Angle Farm Park, Soham

Farms to Visit This Summer Holidays

If your kids love farm animals, the South Angle Farm Park has a huge array of animals for you to see, pet and feed! From Ponies and Alpacas to Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas, visiting an open day with the family is a great, memorable idea for the Summer.

15. Electric Riverboat Tours, St Ives

Experience a whole different angle of the beautiful St Ives this Summer as you embark on an electric riverboat tour on the River Great Ouse. Suitable for families, your kids can enjoy floating on the river, pretending to be pirates or sailers! Whilst you can enjoy the peaceful views of St Ives.

Have a good Summer holidays!

Thanks for reading.