Spruce Up Your Home Ready For Marketing

With Spring just around the corner it’s now a fabulous time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the property market.

To be able to sell your property quickly, we’ve put together some simple and effective ways to give your property that wow factor, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

So, here are some simple and maybe obvious ways to give your home that ready to sell look.

De-Clutter and De-Personalise

Your potential buyer will want to walk through your front door and experience a sense of calm and comfort so they can imagine making the space their own. To achieve the right interior finish you want to stick to an uncluttered, simple look and focus on the positive features of your house.

Starting to de-clutter your property should begin before your viewings do. It’s no good having a ‘take us as you find us’ attitude, first impressions always count and walking into a property that is packed to the rafters with ‘stuff’ is not a good start to any viewings. You want to create a blank canvas for the buyer to imagine their own personal style.

So start to throw out or sell items that you don’t want or use anymore and other items should be neatly packed away in cupboards, of course, take this as a really good excuse to have a clear out and it’s less stuff to pack prior to moving day.


It may sound obvious but just by spending a few days to get stuck into any DIY jobs around your property can make a huge difference to your sale. Re-touching up paintwork and refreshing grouting just gives a clean look and even a simple job such as changing the door handles on your kitchen cabinets can make a massive difference.


It really works to your advantage to stick to neutral colours. Remember, it’s the home you are selling not your own personal taste. Try adding some tone and texture to your space with throws and soft furnishings. Present the beds nicely and add plants to empty areas.

Period Features

These add so much character and value to a property, and vastly increase the overall buyer appeal. Wrought iron fireplaces and ornate plaster detail are highly sought after so enhance any features that you have, don’t be tempted to cover them up. These can help to sell your home.

Deep Clean

It may be worth hiring a professional cleaning company to come in and really give your property a good deep clean, you don’t always notice those cobwebs in the corner. Also, simple things are worth spending a bit of time over, like cleaning windows inside and out, and polishing front door furniture. First impressions really do count.


Make sure your garden is tidy and weed free. It’s such a shame when your house is fantastic inside but is like a jungle outside. Think of your garden as an extension of your home and sell the concept of outside living. Place a table and chair in a sunny spot so viewers can imagine sitting outside with a coffee and enjoying the view. Get a few pots with flowers in to dot around your garden, just to add a bit of colour and interest.

Free Up Your Drive

If possible when you have a viewing move all cars from the driveway. This will free up a space for your viewer to park and also they can get a complete view of your property on arrival. Again, first impressions!