Our Simple Guide On Preparing Your Home Ready For Spring…

It may still be January, but depending on the level of damage the Winter has caused, Spring could be right around the corner for you. After all, when this lovely season arrives, your garden will suddenly become a lot more noticeable – with the reappearances of the blue skies and green leaves, surely you would want your garden looking as equally as revived and fresh as it’s surroundings?

That’s why, here at Peter Lane & Partners, we have created a small and simple guide on preparing the exterior of your home ready for the Spring’s iconic weather…


Step 1: Inspection

Walk around both the interior and exterior of your property, and analyse what has been damaged or affected by the Winter weather. Regardless if it has snowed a large amount or not at all, the wind, rain and cold temperatures could’ve impacted your home significantly. That’s why having a full inspection around the home such as checking for drafts, heating systems and air conditioning units, windows and doors, cracks and any broken objects etc. will allow you to be organised, deal with the damage and therefore be prepared for Spring.

Step 2: Tidy Up

First things first, create yourself a fresh canvas by having a little tidying up session. This meaning, removing any leaves, dirt or general rubbish from the garden, clearing out weeds ready for early planting and just genuinely discluding any unnecessary items that you don’t want to be seen in the Spring. After doing this, you are able to focus on repairing and reviving the rest of your garden.

Step 3: Wash & Sweep

Now that you have tidied, you can now clean to create a more refreshed look. You can do this by sweeping the deckings and patios, mowing the lawn (if necessary) and pressure-washing the decking and fences. Even if your garden features are a decade old, you would be still surprised at how new they can look after a good old wash. Additionally, cleaning your decking, fences and outdoor furniture will prepare you for Spring garden arrangements i.e. where are you going to put all of this stuff? and will give you the opportunity for easier and closer inspection, looking for any cracks or damage to these features.

Step 4: Repair

As everywhere is all clean, you can now focus on repairing/replacing the necessary items – and depending on the level of damage or overall age of your furniture, should depend on whether you need to repair or replace the item. In terms of repairing, this would only be necessary if the focused item is recently new or only minorly damaged, meaning nothing a bit or glue or paint can’t handle etc. Whereas, if something is old, looking out of place or is genuinely damaged, then replacing the item may be a better solution.

Doing this will again, create a fresher look and redesign the whole look of your garden, giving you the opportunity to make things look brand new and invest in some new, stylish furniture.

Step 5: Revive

During the Winter, it’s not usual for families to be spending most of their time outside. Of course, if it snows, your children will probably be outside a lot of the time. However, not for the same purpose as you would be during the Spring or Summer. Therefore, due to the abandonment your garden has probably received over the last few months, it may be a good idea to ressurect the outdoor-living prepared for the Spring season! Furthermore, you can do this by getting out the tables and chairs ready for meals outside and even a little time spent on landscaping can help renew the care it looks to have received.

Step 6: Early Planting

Finally, if you are looking to do some early planting in your garden for some Spring blooming, now is a perfect time! At this time of the year, starting plants inside and digging certain vegetables outside can be successful this time of the year and should be ready by the time Spring comes about. To plant exceptionally, read the information on the plant packet or research online to see if your bulbs and shrubs can survive the last moments of Winter weather.

Thank you for reading.