Selling Your Home Online? It Could Be Time To Think Again

Even considering the possibility of selling your home can sometimes be stressful enough which is why we believe that our job as your estate agent should be to make the process run as smooth as possible.

It doesn’t matter who you speak to, whether it’s at a dinner date or whilst having a drink after work with colleagues on a Friday, you can guarantee that when you touch on the subject of estate agents, one of the people gathering will have a horror story or two. 

So what are the alternatives? With the use of the Internet, selling your car, unwanted furniture or even your home has never been so simple. But is it really as easy as it appears? Resources suggest that in many occasions the internet may not always be the easy route. Wondering why? Let me tell you.

There are many sites now that allow you to advertise your house and promise you a swift and smooth sale. All you have to do is sign up to a monthly subscription or package and many feel that online selling cuts out “the middle man” and will also save them a ton of money. 

But there is a problem with this. It’s very impersonalised and in many cases time costly. You work full time, you have a growing family and selling your home shouldn’t get in the way of carrying out your daily routine but for many taking the online option it does. With many online sites, it will be down to you to arrange the agenda for viewing and liaise with potential buyers. 

Working out which company to go with or choosing between packages can also be tough. For example, you can clearly see that the premium package guarantees you maximum exposure for say 28 days which is, of course, very appealing to sellers. But research suggests that the time period for selling a house can be anything from 30 days to nine months with the average standing at roughly 6 weeks. 6 weeks you say? You suddenly realise that you need to sign up for an extra month of the package. And this. Is. how. it starts to stack up. 

Staying front of mind is essential. There’s a reason the internet is also known as the world wide web and this is because everyone and anyone can access and upload information, from anywhere in the world. Uploading your sale online means that anyone can search your home and enquire which is great but could also not be quite what you are looking for and could essentially lead to a timelier process of selling your home.

The traditional estate agent should listen to your needs, provide you with honest and reliable information and advice but most importantly they will be transparent and keep you updated each step of the way. They know that it’s in your best interest to sell your property quickly and efficiently but it’s also theirs and this means they will and must work hard for it. In a world full of information, referrals have never been so important and your estate agent knows that in large part their business relies on your feedback and referral. Without a doubt, if they do what they say on the packet, they will use all of their marketing tools to ensure that the advertising your home lands in the hands of the exact person looking to buy what you are selling, without the need to keep renewing your 30-day subscription.

At Peter Lane, we listen to your needs as a seller but we also listen to the requirements of home buyers that we meet which is key for us to make your sale. Most importantly you can trust that you will not be 1 in a million amongst other clients, from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you exchange you will be guided by our expert team which is why we have are leading agents not only with available stock but more importantly top agent for sales agreed. Peter Lane, trusted by our clients for more than 25 years.

As always, Whether you’re looking to buy or sell you, give us a call at your local branch today to speak to one of our expert team.