Deep down, we all need a bit of escapism from this global crisis. But with the surprisingly beautiful weather and extra time on our hands, you can shape this negativity into an optimistic project – sprucing up your garden, ready for Summer!

After all, whether we remain in lockdown in Summer or not, your dream garden becoming a reality (or at least making a start) will make things a lot more tolerable and enjoyable within your home.

Additionally, people still are moving home during the UK lockdown. Estate agents are carrying out specific, government-advised protocols that ensure our industry can carry out property transactions out of risk. Furthermore, what is interesting Is that, even before this lockdown was necessary, properties with bigger gardens became a trendy factor.

According to Rightmove’s data scientists, the use of the keyword, ‘garden’ has climbed from position five to three since lockdown started. I guess what we love about gardens is the unique personalisation, the entertaining abilities, and gardening itself has it’s physical, therapeutic benefits. So, whether you (want to) your garden as a gardening area, social space or for show, now is definitely the perfect time to make it a reality. 

Are you unsure about where to start? At Peter Lane & Partners, we have used our experience, expertise and own personal preferences to create a realistic and ambitious Wishlist to boost our outside space…


Choosing the terrain for your new garden…

Deciding on real/artificial grass, decking, cement or stone etc. can be a real decision-maker. Terrain should be determined based on your overall aim for your garden. For example, if you are looking to transform your outdoor space into a socialising, entertainment area, you need to interpret some indoor styles outside. From decking and artificial grass to concrete and stone, visible material is vital, too. Really use your logical knowledge and imagination to decide this factor.


Fresh colour brings vibrancy, boldness, personality. A thought-out colour scheme, however, provides sophistication. Painting your fence, decking or any other wooden features will make your outdoor area visually inspiring and comfortable. It will make your plants stand out and your home will look seriously impressive from the outside. The most popular colours at the moment are black, brown, white and grey, so if you are going for a trendy, modern vibe, we would recommend considering those four.


Grow Fruit and Vegetables in your new garden…

As I have already mentioned, gardening has physical and therapeutic benefits. It’s calming and satisfying – regardless if you are interested in growing fruit and vegetables, planting flowers, or both. Also, as it is Spring, now is the usual time for gardeners to begin cleaning up their garden and planting seeds, as there is just the right amount of sunlight, water and temperature for plants to sprout.

If you’re going for a decorative flower touch, consider colour, scent and texture. Have a think about where to keep these flowers – somewhere where it is in sight of people and sunlight. However, make sure you have completed weeding and painting before any gardening is carried out.

Seating Area

Outdoor furniture is popular as ever…

No garden is completed without a funky seating area in your garden. Having a seating area presents a homely atmosphere within your garden, so it isn’t just a presentation to appreciate in your outdoor space. It also gives you an excuse to use your outdoor space -for relaxing, family gatherings, meditation and parties.

Additionally, with modern living in gardens becoming more and more popular, the variety of outdoor seating areas have grown in our own favour. From half-moon to corner sofas, to glass dining areas and picnic benches, there is so much to choose from.


Landscape lighting illuminates your outdoor living space, so it continues to be functional, alive and beautiful when the stars come out. Not only that, but outdoor lighting enhances property value, curb appeal and safety. 

The same applies to lighting, too. With lighting becoming more approving and popular within the exterior of properties, there is a variety of lights available; One’s that are built in the ground, for the wall and ceiling etc.

There’s plenty of other personal and bespoke touches you can make in your garden in your free time. Even during the pandemic, plenty of organisations and garden centres are offering safe delivery to some areas. Please only go out if it’s essential.

Let’s turn this negative time into some positive productivity. We hope this helped! Stay safe.