When moving day is just around the corner, you’ll often find yourself running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything prepared for the move. However, getting you and your possessions from point A to point B doesn’t have to be as stressful as people say. 

As an estate agent in St Ives, St Neots and Cambridgeshire, we want to help ensure everyone has a stress-free and settling move. Starting with this blog, follow these 10 life-saving hacks on moving day…

1. Have a huge sort out whilst packing

Before moving day approaches, go into every room of your current home and organise what you will be keeping for your new home, and what will be thrown away or donated. It seems like a waste of time, space and energy to transport everything to the new property, to end up throwing the majority of it away. Therefore, use moving home as a motivational excuse to get rid of anything useless, old or unwanted and replace them with something modern and fresh.

2. Make up a moving-day kit

Every person within the household that is moving (or anyone helping you move) should have their own ‘moving-day kit’. This can include water, snacks, headphones, purse or anything that might be necessary or helpful during the move. This will keep you fuelled up and prepared for emergencies.

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3. Label your boxes

On moving day, stickers and labels will be your best friend! Regardless if you have organised your boxes by person, room or item, grabbing some stickers and writing down its category will probably be the best thing you have done throughout this whole move. This way, you can just unload the boxes and place them in the right room ready for unpacking, rather than having to open every box to work out what goes where.

4. Design your new home before moving day

It’s often found more approachable and easier when you design your new home before moving into it. If possible, print off the floor plan or simply draw it out and organise what room will be what and how your furniture will be positioned. This will give you a direct goal on moving day, rather than beginning your fresh start moving furniture back and forth into rooms.

5. Create handles for your boxes

When it comes to lifting fragile boxes, you find yourself wishing you had a handle – No problem! All you need to do is cut a square or triangle on both sides of the boxes and you’ve got yourself some trusty handles to keep you going.

6. Don’t waste money on boxes

Instead of spending money on cardboard boxes, there are two different alternatives that can get your hands on some useful storage for your goods. Method one involves asking friends or family if they have any spare cardboard boxes, or visiting a local retailer for some of their ‘barely-used’ boxes! Method 2, on the other hand, involves using laundry baskets, storage boxes, baskets and other box-type items you already own! This saves money and makes the most out of your space.

7. Use rubber bands to keep pots and lids together

There would be nothing more annoying than having to pair up lids with pots, pans and boxes when settling into your new home. Solution? Just use rubber bands to attach them together before wrapping them in protection. 

8. String electronic wires through paper towels 

In any situation, tangled electrical wires can be extremely annoying. To avoid this when moving, string your cables individually through paper towels. 

9. Avoid bubble wrap

Here is another money-saving tip – avoid spending money on bubble wrap! Use things like socks, towels and blankets as free alternatives. 

10. Talk to professionals

From removal companies to estate agents, there are many professional services who can help make the moving process easier. At Peter Lane & Partners, we are an estate agency based in all different parts of Cambridgeshire who can help you. Consider all of your options for a more beneficial move!

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