Are you considering moving home this Spring? Well, just like the process of moving from one home to another, the Spring season is also about change. It’s the time of the year where the days begin to get longer again, flowers begin to sprout and the moving season begins to peak. 

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Why Should You Move Home In The Spring?

With this seasonal transition affecting the weather and our lifestyle, it doesn’t come as a shock to estate agents when people get the urge to move home again. Regardless if you were avoiding moving in Winter, or looking to shake off the cold temperatures off your bodies, moving in Spring might be the perfect time of the year for you to move home – and here’s why…

What Are The Benefits of Moving in Spring?

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1. Ideal Timing

Let’s be honest, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Spring is the peak season for selling a home. After all, it’s common for families to postpone their move in order to avoid sometimes-unbearable weather conditions. In Spring, at least you are accompanied by the complimenting light and budding flowers.

Whilst you’ve probably been advised to avoid selling your home during busy seasons, it’s actually the best time to do so. Unlike other markets, the property industry works differently – meaning that prices rise as more homes are listed. Therefore, since more houses are for sale this time of year, it provides more efficient data and better valuations that will sell your home for not only a higher price but as a better service.

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2. Great Vibes

Generically, Spring is known as the season for the rebirth of nature and personal transformation. With the sun out and the birds chirping, the atmosphere gives you the motivation to make a better version of yourself e.g. moving home. Also, after moving in, you have the whole Summer to relax and embrace the scenery of your new home.

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3. Property Viewings Will Be Prettier

Spring is a beautiful season to experience. You’ve just spent 4-6 months in freezing cold weather, wind, snow and rain, so when the sun finally comes out and nature begins to regrow for Summer, moods will instantly be uplifted and you can undergo your move in cool and comfortable weather. 

In terms of property viewings, the reappearance of natural sunlight will compliment properties tremendously. So whether the viewing is for a potential buyer or for yourself, you can definitely take advantage of the weather, but we will discuss that shortly. 

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4. A Less Competitive Season

Whilst Spring is the peak season for moving, it’s not necessarily the most competitive. For example, the demand for movers is slower – Unless you schedule a removals company and moving date months in advance, you will struggle to find a removal company in Summer because its movers’ peak season and they simply don’t have enough drivers to fulfil each customer’s exact needs. Additionally, with this in mind your moving date might actually have to be arranged in the Spring season due to the demand. 

Since Spring is a less competitive season for moving, it’s much easier to secure the move-in date you want – short notice or not. 

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5. A Better Imagination Of Your Garden

Spring is easily one of the best seasons for gardening. After the long neglecting your garden probably took in the Winter months, you can start fresh with your brand new garden.

Whilst the garden isn’t a huge priority to a few, the rest of us take first impressions of a property’s garden seriously. A properly cared-for garden creates landscape, improves the exterior of your home and essentially represents the owners of the property. With the complimenting sun and rebirth in the Spring season, viewing properties at this time of the year gives you a realistic perception of your dream garden within your next home. 

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