All Things St Ives, Huntingdon & Cambridge

Whether you live in either of these towns/cities, or just want to visit them, and you are unsure of the potential things you can do, places you can go? This article will give you the insight in ‘All Things St Ives, Huntingdon & Cambridge’, so you can plan your day(s) out with your family and friends!

What’s to eat?

St Ives is quite a large town, in fact, it is one of the biggest towns in Cambridgeshire, so by saying there are a few places to eat, is an understatement. According to Trip Advisor, the highest ranked place to eat is Tom’s Cakes, which is a traditional British cafe ‘tucked away’ from the High Street. This cafe has had a lot of great feedback on the taste/quality of their cakes, their customer service and the overall environment. In addition to this, there are plenty of unique restaurants, pubs and cafes located in and around the High Street of St Ives, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or even a snack!

From cheap eating to fine dining, Cambridge also offers a selection of eating options that suits your needs and cravings, whether you are on a budget or fancy emptying your pockets, on a diet or having a cheat day, for a family meal or a night out, there’s everything you can possibly think of. On more or less every street of Cambridge, there is something there – a takeout, a restaurant, a cafe, a pub, a supermarket, you name it, it’s there.

However, Huntingdon is quite a small town in Cambridgeshire, but does have a lot of well-known dining options; This town mostly consists of pubs and restaurants, such as Nandos Pizza Express and Frankie & Benny’s. These restaurants, for instance, are located in the multiplex cinema chain that has a Cineworld, a gym and a variety of different restaurants and takeaway options.




Where can we shop?

St Ives is an attractive shopping location that is known by the town and surrounding villages. There is a surprisingly large amount of hairdresser’s and charity shops, as well as some pharmacies (Superdrug, Boots etc.) and other essential shops.

Cambridge is the home to two huge shopping centres – the Grand Arcade and the Grafton Centre. Both of these shopping centres consist of shops that sell makeup, clothing, furniture, food and any other essentials. They are a small walking distance away from each other and has additional shops surrounding it. Whether it’s baby clothes, a new pair of shoes, some bath bombs, a suit, or even a Tesla (I know, right?) you can get it here at Cambridge.

Huntingdon’s High Street has several different shops such as Boots, Wilko, Poundland, Pandora and supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Iceland. There is also a number of charity shops located in and around the town. Like I said earlier, Huntingdon is a small town compared to St Ives and the city of Cambridge, and it doesn’t sound like an ideal day for shopping. However, it has all of your essentials and deals within walking distances of each other.

What’s On? Cambridge

Cambridge always has a selection of different events all year round. The list could go on and on, so here a just a few that you could be interested in:

  • Secret Garden Party: a community-driven festival that thousands of people enjoy every year. You wear your own costumes and choose your own adventure in the fun forest. It’s “unlike any other festival experience in the country”. Official website here.
  • Cambridge Shakespeare festival: a cultural festival that not only entertains but educates the audience of Shakespeare’s famous scripts and plays. These festivals not only attract approximately 25,000 visitors a year, but a lot of them come from other countries to see these! Official website here.
  • Dragon Boat Festival: On Saturday 8th September 2018 there will be the dragon boat festival, all in aid of Addenbrooke’s charitable trust. Celebrate the ancient Chinese tradition with your friends, family and team spirits and make the day out of the racing. There is also a fair and a variety of stalls you can observe. Official website here.
  • There is also a variety of fun celebratory night for well-known events such as Halloween, Firework Night, Christmas and New Years!

What’s On? St Ives

  • Abbamania: On the 12th October 2018 at 7:30 pm, Abbamania, one of the most popular and original Abba tribute groups, is playing at the Burgess Hall in S Ives. Get your tickets here.
  • Bringing on back the 60s: Another crazy event at the Burgess Hall – a concert with special guest appearances from our idols. It’s a must for lovers of 60’s music. Get your tickets here.
  • There’s a lot of musical and festive events that go on in St Ives, these two were ranked as some of the favourites!

What’s On? Huntingdon

  • Huntingdon may be a small town, but it has a number of events people travel miles to go to, for example – Hinchingbrooke Horror House, an award-winning and realistic horror experience. Well-known characters from the horror genre come to life within the rooms of the house to create a horrific, unique adventure where the public become the victim rather than the audience. Official website here.

What’s to do?

St Ives have beautiful routes to walk your dog or to jog including the RSPB Fen Reserve, a well-maintained nature reserve where a variety of species live with access to lakes and wildlife. There are also marines and opportunities for boat hire at affordable prices as well as golf clubs, museums, and shopping on the High Street.

Huntingdon has a huge country park featuring open grassy expanses, wetlands, lakes and a number of wildlife species. Additionally, there is also the castle you can visit, which was built in 1068 for William the Conqueror and a variety of shops, pubs and parks where you and your family/friends can spend your days.

There’s always something to do in Cambridge, whether it’s morning or evening, freezing cold or scorching hot! You can go on a punting tour on the River Cam, which is the main river that flows through Cambridge, visit the Fitzwilliam museum – a gorgeous museum full of art and antiquities. Or, if you are up for a sightful walk, visit the Botanic Gardens, associated with the University Department of Plant Sciences; absolutely striking with beauty in every direction, a true sight to experience.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, each of the locations has their own unique shopping locations, with loads of shops for your needs.

Thank you for reading!