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Choosing the right time to sell your home


Obviously it is difficult to determine the behaviour of the property market during this current economic climate. This is why it is important to keep constantly up to date with all of the events that affect the marketplace and current house prices. An accurate valuation on your home is vital, as overvalued properties will be difficult to sell despite seeming as a prosperous opportunity.

If you have an accurate valuation and obtain the correct services to assist the sale of your home, then this will put you in an ideal position to complete the sale of your home quickly and efficiently.

Seasonal change 

Spring and autumn are the seasons with the highest activity in the property market, as home buyers are eager to purchase a house in time for the Christmas period or for the summer and the start of the new school year. Spring is the perfect time to sell a house, as the days are longer and the natural light will allow more viewings over a longer period of time throughout the day.

This is in contrast to the winter in which the property cannot be presented in its maximum potential. We advise anyone looking to sell to do so before Autumn finishes, as the winter period is usually quiet in terms of buying activity.


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