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How to attract your buyer

Catching the interest of potential buyers is the most important aspect of selling your existing property, which is why we recommend that you follow our advice so that you can make your home as appealing as possible.

It is vital that your property is of the cleanest standard, so make sure that you leave your house tidy and uncluttered before any viewings come round. The aim is to convince these potential buyers that the property will be well suited for them and that they can imagine themselves living there. It is vital to create a visually pleasing view of the house, from the outside design of the house to the inside plan.

Make sure your house has a nice smell, as any lingering smells left by food and pets could potentially discourage any home buyers from putting an offer in regardless of how the property looks. If the organisation of your furniture is arranged to be aesthetically pleasing, then this will carry across into the interest of the people viewing and their vision of living there.

Make sure that the home viewer is as comfortable as possible and if you are present during the viewing, make yourself available for any queries or concerns that they would like to ask.


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