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Property sale

Sell your existing home with Peter Lane

Through our experience of selling properties in the region, we have learnt that the most important aspect of a home sale is the vendor who is selling the property. We highlight the importance of a strong relationship with you, so that we can easily communicate and make the important decisions around the selling of your existing home.

As well as providing you with information on the best times to sell, we can explain some of the key terms and phrases of the selling process through our complete jargon buster.

In this current market it is vital that your home receives a market appraisal that takes into consideration all of the important factors that affect house prices, from local news to the national housing market. Many companies will deliberately overvalue your home, which is an attempt to obtain your business, however this will lead to your property receiving no interest and your home spending a considerable amount of time on the market. We deliver an honest valuation of your home that puts you in a great position to receive the best price for your property.

With your home sale efficiently managed by us, your time can then be focused on arranging your next purchase of a property . To arrange a meeting in office with one of our professionals, contact us by phone or email and we can have a personal discussion about the type of selling service that we can provide for you.

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