Put The Spring Back In Your Home

The unusually mild weather we have experienced recently has prompted daffodils and spring flowers to emerge early from their winters sleep. There is an exciting buzz in the air – a feeling of fresh life, promise and a sense of new beginnings.

Spring/summer is commonly referred to as the best time of the year to sell your home. These busy months can encourage more buyers to look at your home and create competition for the purchase of your home. Pleasant weather encourages more buyers to go out and view houses that are for sale and sunshine is great for getting people into a good mood and may even be the boost you need to sell your home. Clear skies can help maximize your view and create more positive reactions to your home!

If you’re looking to find your new dream home and sell your property in the next few months, it is worth evaluating your home now and preparing to stage it for viewings.

Think like a buyer. First impressions are vital so improve the appearance of the exterior of your house and garden. Stand in front of your property and note anything that stands out as being unsightly or cramps the space. Inspect the exterior and each room of your house and make a list of repairs and call a handyman or tradesman for a quote.

To avoid taking clutter and unnecessary items to your new home, start to clear each room one at a time, donating things that you don’t want and need to a charity shop, or even better, hold a car boot to raise funds to make improvements to your current property or personalise your new home. This de-cluttering exercise will help to make your property feel more spacious and will win buyers over.

Tidy and spring-clean the entire house, ensuring all surfaces and floors are spotless and clear of clutter. It’s amazing how you learn not to “see” papers, post, keys and mobile chargers that are visible on a daily basis. Remove, sell or store any excess furniture to make the room feel larger and re-arrange the existing furniture to give an ‘open’ view of the space. Store away out of season coats, hats and shoes, reduce the amount of ornaments and books or magazines on display and don’t forget to tidy cupboards (people will often look in them!)

In the garden take time to mow the lawn, remove leaves, weed flowerbeds and cut back overgrown shrubs and foliage. Tidy away garden tools, hoses, recycling boxes, bins or any unsightly items and put children’s toys and outdoor games away or out of sight. Clean or sweep paths, patios, decking and the driveway (not forgetting to move your vehicles to leave parking space free for buyers to park)

Finally, for viewings “bright and spacious” is paramount. Open all curtains and blinds fully to allow as much light in as possible and open windows to allow the air to circulate. Ensure there are no nasty aromas and strong odours – cooking, animal or musty smells are all major turn offs so ensure carpets, animal bedding, furniture, bathrooms and kitchens are clean and fresh.

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