For over 100 years the West End of London has played a central role in the sale of many of the UK's finest houses. Today, Mayfair Office carries on this tradition by providing a source national property marketing expertise while forming the hub of a national and international network of the finest firms of estate agents in the industry.

Situated in Thayer Street, just two minutes from Oxford Street, Mayfair Office is ideally situated in the heart of London's West End and perfect for London based clients, buyers and investors.

"We are proud to have been selected as a member of the Mayfair Group" says Peter Lane. "From London we will be concentrating on acheiving the maximum coverage for our clients properties and will also be strenghtened further by our connections with the best London based relocation company".

The Mayfair Office is staffed by highly experienced professionals headed by Nicholas Churton, one of the foremost Lindon based property marketing experts. Trained by Chesterton's in London, Nicholas went on to establish a London office for a national firm of estate agents and is the only estate agent to have held the position of Property Advertising Director for Country Life magazine.