Social Media -Come and join us!           

Peter Lane & Partners are pleased to announce that we have added another marketing service to our bow.

We are always looking to differentiate ourselves from our local competitors.

We are finding a majority of estate agents are all the same, they do the same things and get the same results, we look to adapt with the changing times.

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box with a view of adding true value to our existing & new clients daily. 

Always looking to improve our services that will only genuinely help our clients. 

With this in mind we have reviewed all of our marketing and really looked at how our clients are wishing to be contacted and shown property. 

We are pleased to announce that we have entered the Social Media arena, yes the likes of Twitter and Facebook. 

You may think why? How is that going to help me? Or you may be thinking crikey it is about time estate agents entered this field. 

We have thought long & hard on whether to add Social Media to our marketing proposition, we simply feel by offering this service will only add even more of a reason why vendors/landlords/tenants & buyers choose Peter Lane & Partners for their moving needs whilst communicating easily with clients on latest property news etc.

Social Media is incredibly powerful whether we like it or not & will not go away soon! Here are a few key statistics why we have decided to add Social Media to our existing offering.


This is not a fad!

* Facebook is used by over half of the residents in the UK today approx 38 million people in the UK alone

* 1 in 7 people use Facebook in the world today & growing

* Facebook has approx 1 Billion active users

* Twitter is a great communication tool to spread the word quickly & efficiently

* Twitter is used by approx 550 million users
* Twitter hosts approximately
one billion tweets every 5 days


Above are just a few key statistics and there are plenty more. Social media is simply another way for Peter Lane & Partners to communicate with you, we will send out local news/ property news & our most recent properties.


If you are looking to sell/rent your property then Peter Lane will & can promote your property on Facebook & Twitter today in order to maximise potential reach to proposed buyers & tenants.


We shall be running a competition every month so be sure to follow us to be kept updated!!!

If you use Facebook then please be kind enough to like us to be kept up to date -

If you use twitter & want to know more about what is happening with Our offices then please follow us


If you do not use Social Media & simply hate it then do not fear we still believe in using all other methods of communication & marketing to provide the best possible service & results. 

We understand moving home is one of the most stressful tasks and Peter Lane & Partners always aim to make your move as stress free as possible!