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If you are having difficulties making the correct decisions that come with buying a new home, then we can assist your understanding of any aspects that you are having trouble with. We hope that our list of buying tips will take away some of the stress away from the process, to put yourself in the best possible position to make the correct decisions concerning your new property.

Here is our free personal advice to you:

  • Make sure you visit the property you are interested in at least three times. It is also a good idea to do this at different times of the day, especially rush hour.
  • Take a tour of the area to discover what public transport is available and where the nearest facilities are for you.
  • You can always renovate the inside of your property, so don’t worry if you dislike some of the interior designs.
  • Make sure you know your priorities. It is possible that you might have to compromise on some of them.
  • If you plan to use the internet, check the speed of the broadband in your area.
  • Remember that you will be paying bills when you first move in. So make a list of what ones you are going to need to be paying straight away.
  • Some houses and flats come with furniture, so find out what items are included with your home.

We also offer a home buying guide on our website to assist you further with the purchase of your next property.


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